Sasha | Sasha’s Favorite Love Hotels in Tokyo
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Sasha’s Favorite Love Hotels in Tokyo

Love Love Love Love Hotel…

If you are one of my regulars or have read my “Love Hotel Concept” blog post, you’d understand why 

Japanese people and I love the love hotel concept. The concept is genius and innovative, convenient and refreshing, kinky and

and interesting. From the rotating beds, in room saunas, 360 mirrors, enough space for a king and condom vending machines love hotels have it all!  Saving face in Japan is a priority and the love hotel concept embodies that very idea. Rest assured your privacy is never at stake while visiting a love hotel, in fact you’d have more privacy at a love hotel than an ordinary hotel or your own home in Japan (considering the fact you cant moan too loudly without your neighbors hearing and you can guarantee the neighborhood obachans are watching you gaijins closely). Throughout my 2 year stay in Japan, I’ve been curious enough to explore some of the most exotic love hotels the country has to offer. Here is a short list of my favs and you can trust that this list will keep growing so keep in touch!

If it is your very first time visiting Tokyo please let me escort you to one of the most fascinating Japanese love hotels. It'll definitely be an experience you'd never forget.


MIRRORS MIRRORS MIRRORS…..  If you are a fan of oversized rooms and watching yourself get freaky from every angle including Gods View we should book our next meeting here in Akasaka – only a 5 minute walk from the nearest station.




BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! LITERALLY.  If you’d like to steer away from running into your foreign friends

in Shinjuku and Shibuya while earning the most bang for your buck, Kinshicho would be the wave. Spacious rooms, non smoking and lowest fee for the quality.



CLASS IN ROPPONGI. Roppongi is rough and we all know why but nestled and neatly tucked you will find one of the most outstanding Love Hotels Tokyo has to offer. A perfect escape from the street hustlers, funky clubs and piles of Chu Hi infused vomit.  Theres even an open air jacuzzi for those who like it wide open and wet.



An S&M Dream in Azabu Juban.

All the tools, restraints and S&M furniture you’d ever need. This S&M themed love hotel will freak you the fuck out! If the overly friendly obachan receptionist who helps you pick the best room to fulfill your fetish isn’t perplexing enough, book the room with a toy horse that you can ride or the room where you’d be locked in a cage with only a hole in the ground to take a piss.

  • Jessica

    Yep, Akasaka one of my favorites too. In love with the mirrors.

    July 15, 2019 at 2:45 am
  • Tiffany Woo

    The place in AzabuJuban is definitely a BDSM DREAAAAAM! I’ve been there a few times. Each room is different. Rooms are actually larger than ordinary hotel rooms. The staff are laid back too.

    July 15, 2019 at 8:35 am

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