Sasha | The Love Hotel Concept
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The Love Hotel Concept

Why Japanese love the Love Hotel Concept.

Hello there lovies. Thank you for viewing my blog where you can stay updated with news, events, my photos and my perspective on life in Tokyo. 

People who are experienced in P4P throughout the world are most familiar with having their experiences hosted in a hotel or the comfort of their home. In Tokyo, we practice the Love Hotel Concept. Love Hotels are more of a boutique hotel: considerably fashionable, private, with rooms three times the size of a standard Japanese hotel which adds to the sexual ambiance for role playing, bdsm and threesomes. 

Have you ever booked an escort and once he/she arrived they looked nothing like their photos? Choose the Love Hotel concept to avoid disappointments and assure safety/security.

Love Hotels also add a touch of safety, reassurance and security for clients who would like an incall by giving you the opportunity to meet your verified companion outside the hotel or hotel lobby where you select a room from a machine that prints a ticket that lists your room number, room fee, and duration. Once you receive your ticket, you and your companion can make your way up to your room in private where you pay for your room after play via machine which is usually located in the entry point of the room. The love hotel rooms self-lock upon entry and can only be unlocked via machine payment or via contacting reception by phone. In more updated love hotels, receptionist interaction is not required and in the rare case that interaction is required, the receptionists view will be blocked which provides a touch of privacy.

The love hotel rooms are always cleaned up to Japanese standards, includes towels, general hotel amenities, refreshment and sex accessory vending machine (for those who’d like a beer or for those who forgot the lube) and interesting design. Some love hotel rooms include a jet pool tube, shower, sauna and nuru mat for those who’d like to experience a Japanese nuru massage. It is important to set a timer while visiting a love hotel since you will be charged additional fees per minute. It would be helpful for you or your companion to understand basic Japanese in cases where’d you’d like to obtain any customer service and to operate the payment machine since these machines and receptionists tend to not provide the English language. In some cases, if you communicate with reception in any language other than Japanese language they will refuse service. Polite etiquette and clean attire is required. Reservations are not allowed. 

In my perspective, the love hotel concept is much more safe, clean and secure. You and your companion have reassurance that you are in the room alone, that the room has been sanitized and can throughly enjoy the experience. The only con that I have experienced with using a love hotel is that my clients won’t have the luxury of falling fast asleep after the session is completed. Therefore, it is important to have transportation arrangements and fees in mind prior to planning a love hotel visit especially if your visit is after subway operations.

When making a booking with me I would definitely suggest visiting a love hotel together especially if you have not experienced the love hotel concept. If you’d like rest after, an outcall to your hotel or Japanese mansion is acceptable as well. Here is a list of my favorite love hotels that I would arrange our visit.

Remember that life is about creating unforgettable experiences together, let’s make your stay in Tokyo one that you’d never forget.

  • French

    Thanks for this post. Now I understand a bit more. Was definitely confused and have been reluctant to visit one of these. Glad to know that they’re clean and super discreet.

    July 15, 2019 at 8:19 am
  • Remy

    Good post. Needed that!

    July 15, 2019 at 8:20 am
  • OliverSmack

    Do you have any recommendations in Shibuya and Shinjuku?

    July 15, 2019 at 8:21 am

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