Sasha | Tips on how to find an escort: Verification and Safety
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Tips on how to find an escort: Verification and Safety

Several of my clients and escort friends from across the world, have shared with me their unpalatable, negative experiences, close-calls and, disasters during sex services. From blackmails, to “accidentally” having raw, anal sex with a transexual, to drug overdoses, to military stings, to being trafficked into a sex cult, abductions, to robberies, to catfish – the list goes on. I’ve heard the most riveting and sometimes humiliating stories that truly tells that the sex service industry, indeed needs an upgrade for the consumer and provider. Being that sex service is one of the oldest industries, we can all agree that it won’t ever disappear. Instead of sweeping the issues of sex services under the rug or may I say bed, I suggest we create more safe spaces to enjoy what this industry, truly has to offer.

If you ever had the enjoyment of booking my services, you can also agree that safety, quality and assurance for myself and my clients are my top priorities. I have created a blog post on how to find an escort safely. Which includes tips on how to verify, safety, do’s and don’ts prior to your arrival. This list benefits both consumer and provider. I highly suggest it to ensure a quality booking and avoid any issues.

1. Research and read

Reading is the best verification you can ever do. It is low-tech and no cost. Most warnings are in plain sight. If you find a service provider that you are interested in, do a quick google search. You’ll find reviews usually listed on more than one website. If the escort is not genuine, there would be at least one negative review. The reviews include the date which tells whether the escort has been working regularly. The reviews also include details of the service. Reading a detailed review is important in case you are seeking options that are listed on the service provider’s profile, that the service provider does not provide. Sometimes profiles aren’t created with accurate information. Sex service providers also discontinue services, like those in any other industry. Stay on the lookout, read reviews from reviewers who have other reviews posted. You can guarantee that the reviews are all genuine!

2. Verification photos don’t always work

“Could you send me a video saying my name?”, “Could you hold a sign with my name?”, “Could you open your mouth and lick your lips?”, “Could you redo it and show your teeth this time?”. I have had the most unusual requests from clients in distress, scammers and guys who simply love to troll escorts or collect photos. Service providers of quality don’t usually have time to send hundreds of potential clients verification videos and photos. Verification photos and videos require service providers to stop their day, apply makeup, style hair, occupy alone space and be available. I hate to break it to you but the majority of independent service providers have busy days and aren’t waiting around wet, hard or horny in a hotel bed, for you. Unfortunately due to filters, verification videos and photos are no longer accurate enough to provide you with the confidence that you once needed years before. Also due to scammers, it’s best to stop requesting verification videos. Scammers steal verification videos and use them to scam clients across the world. If you would like to be reassured whether the service providers photos are accurate, read the reviews. Usually someone will mention whether the photos are inaccurate.

3. Do not send wire transfers.

Professional, independent sex service providers will not require wire transfers. For my clients in particular, I have offered discounts to clients who would like to reserve a booking date and time if they sent payment via CashApp. This benefits the client by assuring a successful booking , it reduces no-shows and cancellations which benefits quality services for everyone. It isn’t a requirement. If you are meeting an escort for the first time and they are requiring a payment, don’t.

4. Professional website.

Unlike Instagram, a professional website isn’t easy to create. It requires time, dedication, some writing knowledge, monthly hosting payments, maintenance and creativity. If a sex service provider has a quality site, you can almost guarantee quality service. Take your time to read the sex service provider’s policy, agreement and etiquette page. Observe whether the contact information on the escort’s main website matches the contact information on the escort finder’s site. This will save a wealth of time, energy and sometimes disappointment.

5. Watch your word usage when booking.

In Japan, it is illegal to solicit vaginal sex. Using the words “vagina”, “full service”, “pussy”, or any word implying coitus is strictly prohibited. It is best to speak in person or over the phone if you have concerns and are interested in vaginal sex. I would like to recommend using the word “friend” , “babe” , “buddy”, the service provider’s name or any pet names over “escort” when messaging. Use the words “donation” or tribute” over “payment”, “rate”, “price” and “cost” when confirming any fees. Don’t mention that you found the service provider’s contact information on an escort site. Usually service providers have phones dedicated for escorting and know why you are contacting. Sexting prior to the meetup does make the experience much more enticing but save that for the second meetup. In case you are caught the second time, your defense could be, that you and the sex service provider are friends in real life.

6. If you find a quality escort, keep in contact.

Sex service providers have a wealth of information that could be useful to you for your health and future bookings. Sex service providers communicate with each other, share blacklists and so much more. If you are interested in a sex service provider whose uncomfortable with you, you could use your past sex service provider as a reference. I would highly suggest not burning any bridges.

7. You get what you pay for.

Providing sex services does take a toll on your body like any physical sport would. Professional, independent service providers usually have many expenses to provide quality experiences.

Here is an average of expenses calculated by 45 sex service providers that I have interviewed in US, Dubai and Japan.

Average monthly expenses
Self care and therapy $300.00
Hotel Fees $1500-$2800
Monthly Sex Health Screening, Plan B and Birth Control $200$500
Beauty and Fitness $200 – $400
Clothing, shoes and lingerie $200
Toys, condoms and other sex accessories $50 – $100
Website hosting, maintenance and ads $200-$500
Transportation $500-$900
Total $3150 – $5700

Many of the escorts I interviewed expenses totaled more than double the average, when they considered cell phone bills, internet, VPN and baby sitting. Like any product, you get what you pay for. If you aren’t paying the average $400 per hour, I would suggest to be careful and concerned that the service provider wants more than your money. or is being trafficked. You shouldn’t be proud to find an escort whose willing to provide you services for cheap or willing to give you a discount. You should care about the quality of your experiences, health and safety overall.

I hope this list is useful to you all.

Take care,


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